LightStim Technology Comes to Pakistan

Does flawless skin fascinate you? Do you want to get a superstar style skin rejuvenating treatment? Cleo Clinical Care is glad to put itself forward as the first-ever skin and hair care clinic to be able to launch LightStim facials and treatments in Pakistan.
But what is all the hype about? LightStim is a dynamic technology that gives you spotless ravishing skin by just using light. This means no harsher chemical to apply on your skin, doesn’t it seem great? Here is all that you need to know about the LightStim technology at Cleo Clinical Care in Pakistan.

What is LightStim and how it works?

Just as plants hold an impressive ability to absorb light and heat, and later convert it into energy, the human skin and tissues can also vitally do the same. The LightStim LED lights provide beneficial light and heat to the skin to rejuvenate it and allow it to convert it into useful energy. To do so, the LightStim releases ultraviolet free light energy which is instantly absorbed by the skin to heal it in remarkable ways. The LightStim light is available in different colours and wave lengths designed to cure various skin problems. This technology is highly capable of treating wrinkles, acne and improving collagen production.

How does LightStim work for wrinkles?

Human skin evidently gets saggy as a person ages. The fine lines that appear on our skin make us appear old and later turn into prominent wrinkles. The LightStim technology helps you closely target areas for skin tightening and bringing back the youthful appearance. The light enters the skin at a wavelength that easily seeps down into the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. This enables the skin to heal and give a smoother look by removing the fine lines. LightStim for wrinkles is FDA cleared to treat
wrinkles on the entire face. You can treat your forehead, cheeks, nasal labial folds, jawline, and even your lips without any side effects. 

How does LightStim work for Acne?

Acne breakouts can really bring down your confidence and leave your skin patchy. Acne occurs when your skin pore fills up with sebum and skin oils that later breed bacteria. The clogged pores make the breakouts even worse. With LightStim technology you can easily cure moderate level acne breakouts without any harsh chemicals being applied to your skin. The blue radiant light with its soothing wavelength enters the skin to destroy underlying bacteria and opens clogged pores. LightStim visibly improves skin
health and makes it look smoother and healed. LightStim and pain relief The LightStim technology is not just beneficial for the skin but it is approved to soothe out pain at various parts of the body. The warm light energy is tested to relieve muscle and joint pain, arthritic pain and improve blood flow. The technology aids your body’s recovery process and relieves pain instantly. LightStim treatments offered at Cleo Clinical Care Cleo Clinical Care offers an advanced PhotoFacial which resurfaces the skin by effectively improving skin texture, reducing pore size and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. The facial treatment not just heals the skin but also improves and evens out the complexion. The painless LightStim facials are performed by Dr Amna Ahmar after closely examining the skin conditions.

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