Medical Dermatology.

Medical Dermatology


Acne Vulgaris, known as just acne in simple words, is among the common skin issues found globally . Acne isn’t just a few red spots on your face, but it is something that affects you and your confidence. This common skin issue might seem like a regular allergy, but acne is deep-rooted. From your hormones, eating habits, environment or stress, there can be multiple reasons behind your acne outburst. Acne is not just a generic term but just as many reasons, there are multiple types of Acne; blackheads, whiteheads, Papules and Pustules, and Nodular Cystic Acne. But the good news here is that Cleo Clinical Care has a range of treatments and skincare plans that can help you revert acne and move out confidently.

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Medical Dermatology


Psoriasis being a chronic noncontagious disease is an alarming situation for many people. The reason being a deteriorating joint and skin health depending upon the type of psoriasis. This rare skin condition occurs when the brain sends bogus signals to the body allowing the skin to outgrow in patches and cause internal and external inflammation. The types of psoriasis include:
1. Plaque Psoriasis – large patches of scaly skin, often red in colour
2. Guttate Psoriasis – multiple smaller pink spots outgrow on the skin.
3. Pustular Psoriasis – pus containing rashes outgrow on the skin.
4. Join Psoriasis – joints inflammation, also known as psoriasis arthritis.
5. Erythrodermic Psoriasis – the entire skin becomes red and painful.
Cleo Clinical Care offers a set of medical dermatological treatments to treat psoriasis, depending upon its type and the patient’s condition. Therapies and treatments often include medication or lighter sessions of laser depending upon the need.


Skin being the largest organ in the human body is exposed to much withing a day.


Viral Infections.

1. Warts – rough raised flesh caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) where the skin barriers are damaged.

2. Herpes – a common viral infection that causes cold sores or fever blisters. Two types of viruses Simplex Virus Type 1 and 2 cause herpes outbreaks on different parts of the body. The virus stays in the body indefinitely in sleep mode but can reactivate due to multiple factors such as stress, illness or injury.
3. Shingles Herpes Zoster – a common infection outbreak that occurs due to the wake of the chickenpox virus that had been in a sleep mode earlier.
Above mentioned names are just a few commonly found infections in the human skin. These conditions need to be treated in time as per to lower the skin of any further damage. At Cleo Clinical Care we offer a set of treatments to curb these infections extending from medication to surgical often.

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Bacterial Infections.

Bacteria always tries to enter our bodies, but the skin is a protective layer that defends it. However, bacteria find a way to penetrate within the skin if the skin is damaged, this is when bacterial infections occur. Bacterial infections are of various types such as impetigo, which is commonly found in kids. Whereas, erysipelas and cellulitis are commonly found in adults. These infections grow within the skin but can cause further damage if the bacteria enter the bloodstream.


Fungal Infections.

Fungal infections are another known cause of skin damage. The fungus grows over the skin due to multiple conditions causing it to lose colour and become painful. For a complete diagnosis of bacterial and fungal infections skin culture is very important. Dr Amna Ahmar performs skin culture tests at Cleo Clinical Care before starting any treatment to fully diagnose the cause and damage caused by fungal infections.

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Autoimmune Skin Diseases

Medical Dermatology

Autoimmune Skin Diseases.

Autoimmune skin diseases are known to be a cause of autoimmune disorders where a person’s active antibodies start damaging its own tissues causing greater damage. Following are the commonly found autoimmune skin diseases:
1. Scleroderma – this disorder affects the body’s overall health. Patients experience calcium deposits, redness on hands and feet, thickened skin and dilated blood vessels.
2. Psoriasis – being a chronic disease, Psoriasis triggers redness and irritation all over the skin. Timely management and care can help one efficiently curb its effects.
3. Dermatomyositis – being muscular in nature, Dermatomyositis causes muscle weakness and soreness which eventually make swallowing difficult.
4. Epidermolysis Bullosa – widely known for the growth of fluid-filled skin blisters after certain injuries, Epidermolysis Bullosa Acquisita can often become difficult to diagnose.
5. Bullous Pemphigoid – this chronic disorder causes blisters on the arms, legs, torso and often inside the mouth that range in severity
At Cleo Clinical Care Dr Amna Ahmar takes extensive care methods in hands to diagnose the conditions after considering how the patient’s body reacts to the process of healing.

Medical Dermatology


The presence of active melanin in human body determines the skin complexion and tone. Vitiligo is a skin condition where melanin stops functioning leaving the skin tone variant in patches, these patches, however, keep changing tones and shape with time. Similarly, Vitiligo also affects hair health causing early greying or baldness. The conditions can often worsen due to stress skin traumas. At Cleo Clinical Care, Vitiligo is treated to curb its effects before they worsen in nature.

Other Skin Diseases

Medical Dermatology

Other Skin Diseases.

Our skin is very complex, thus requires extensive care and healthy exposure. Skin diseases are becoming way to common in the sub-continent region due to swear changing weather conditions and genetical disorders. Few of the commonly found skin diseases other than the mentioned ones are:
1. Moles – small round outgrown mass often dark or pink in colour. These can be genetic but can also grow with time due to multiple reasons. Thus, skin biopsy is required to begin the treatment.
2. Cysts – a lump of dead skin cells that grows under the layer of skin and causes discomfort. Cysts can often be painful and cause infections.
3. Fatty Tumors/ Lipomas – a lump of fats that gathers within the skin causing irritation and pain.
4. Keloids – a thick layer of mass that covers an open wound. This is when the brain keeps sending signals to heal the wound and the body works to cover it up with skin. Keloids are dark fat layer of skin that outgrows consequently.
5. Skin Tags – often occur in the areas of friction where the skin gets in contact with skin. The causes of these are genetics.
6. Angiomas – small proliferate blood vessels appear anywhere on the skin. These often bleed or cause pain.
7. Seborrheic Keratosis – also known as wart moles, these occur to due sun exposure and are dark in colour.
These above-mentioned skin problems require clinical procedures to be removed after a complete diagnosis. Cleo Clinical Care offers a range of options to make your skin look flawless and restore its health.

Medical Dermatology

Skin Allergies.

Skin allergies can happen due to multiple reasons from eating something wrong to physically getting in contact with an allergen. Allergies often cause inflammation, redness, pain or release of heat. In some cases, one may witness hives – red welts on the skin – which are itchy and uncomfortable. Since allergies are hard to diagnose, Cleo Clinical Care offers an extensive patch test which enables the diagnosis of the root cause of the allergy. The symptoms are then treated with a course of medicines either oral or topical.

Skin Allergies

Medical Dermatology


Eczema in simpler terms is known as patchy, itchy, red irritating skin. Eczema is classified into three major types; Atopic Dermatitis and Contact Dermatitis. Atopic Dermatitis is usually diagnosed in early childhood where the baby’s skin is patchy and leaves rashes. The root cause of this is often found to be in the genetics. In a few cases, however, the Atopic Dermatitis extends to adulthood or is by far diagnosed in adulthood when symptoms are witnessed. On the other side, Contact Dermatitis is eczema that occurs on the skin as an allergic reaction. At Cleo Clinical Care we devise a proper skincare regime to avoid any further damage to the skin. The causes are diagnosed considering all symptoms.

Medical Dermatology

Nail Diseases.

Nail health is as important as skin health, however many reasons can affect it. The nails lose colour, shape, become brittle or scaly, often the fingers also swell up which results in bleeding around the nails. Similarly, fungus infections also may grow around the nails causing it to penetrate the skin making the conditions worsen. Some of the common nail diseases include clubbing, pitting, beau’s lines and yellow syndrome. Nail diseases can often be a result of multiple deficiencies, injury or prolonged illness. At Cleo Clinical Care all cases are diagnosed by Dr Amna Ahmar and then prescribed relevant treatments.

Nail Diseases

Medical Dermatology

Hair Fall.

Hair fall can be of multiple forms and happen due to multiple reasons. The most common type is the thinning of hair on top of the head and residing hairline with growing age. People often face patchy bald spots on their head which can be a reason to severe itching. Similarly, loosening of hair is another reason of hair fall which happens due to an emotional or physical shock. The commonly found reasons for hair fall are heredity, hormonal changes, side effects of medications and often stress. At Cleo Clinical Care Dr Amna Ahmar precisely diagnoses the cause and respectively prescribe treatments considering the patient’s condition and medical history.

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